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SATA Device

製品カテゴリ 設計IP
製品種別 SATA
製品・サービス名 SATA Device
販売元会社名 Silicon Image
国名 米国
製品概要 Serial ATA (SATA) Device Disk drives storage systems NAS (network attached storage) and RAID systems The SATA Device core includes the Link and Transport digital logic and analog PHY with configurations fully compliant with the SATA I and II specifications. It is ideal for system on a chip (SOC) designs for Disk drives storage systems NAS and RAID systems. The Device core supports internal Parallel ATA or ARM AMBA bus interfaces for data transfers within disk controller SoCs. It also supports bus master DMA rates of 1.5 and 3.0 Gbps burst rates. SATA Data Rates   1.5 Gbps & 3.0 Gbps  SATA I & II compliant  Supports PIO & DMA modes Supports bus master DMA  ARM AMBA AHB Interface   Revision 2.0  Parallel ATA Ultra ATA/133 parallel interface   Optional Hardware Features   Extended SATA cable length BIST for PHY operation
製品詳細情報 Full production at TSMC based on Silicon Image's 3xxx SATA chip family available upon request Immediate delivery after PO Verilog GDSII
問合せ先会社名 東京エレクトロンデバイス
問合せ先電話番号 045-474-5139

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